New Smyrna Beach's 250th anniversary

2018 marks a momentous occasion - New Smyrna Beach is celebrating 250 years!

250 Years of Diverse History

New Smyrna Beach occupies a notable place in history as the second oldest city in Florida, site of the largest single attempt at British colonization in the new world. 

First settled by Europeans in 1768, Dr. Andrew Turnbull, a Scottish physician, brought 1,400 indentured servants from Greece and Italy to East Florida. He established the colony of New Smyrna, named after the home town of his father-in-law. The majority of the colonists came from Menorca, one of the Meditteranean Balearic Islands of Spain, and were of Catalan culture and language. Although the colony produced relatively large amounts of processed indigo in its first few years of operation, it eventually collapsed after suffering major losses due to insect-borne diseases and Indian raids, and growing tensions caused by mistreatment of the colonists under Turnbull's overseers.  About 600 survivors marched nearly 70 miles north on Old King's Road and relocated to St. Augustine, where they settled by 1777. Descendants today can trace their names to the list on the statue of Father Pedro Campos that stands in the courtyard of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine. New Smyrna has been under the rule of four "flags": the British, Spanish, United States, and the Confederate Jack. 

Come experience this remarkable story of 18th century East Florida and join us for multiple events throughout the year that mark the anniversary.

250th Celebration Events